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Shaved FUCK 8 Hours SP – Ayaka Tomada , Akari Satsuki , Erika Kirihara , Haruka Sanada

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

 Video Title

 Shaved FUCK 8 Hours SP

 Starring  Ayaka TomadaAkari Satsuki

Erika Kirihara

Haruka Sanada



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 Date Added

 January 31, 2012










 type of sex: threesome, ffm

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore props: restraints

 pussy related: pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 pussy related: shaved pussy(paipan)

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 girl type: submissive

 costumes/apparel: nurse(naasu)

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)

 costumes/apparel: swimsuit(mizugi)




6 Costumes Pako Pako – Erika Kirihara

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Studio: S1

Studio Number: SOE-238

A maid kneels patiently in front of her master and obeys his commands without hesitation. He makes her flash him her nipples and than panties before handing her a vibrator to place against her clitoris. He approaches her and slides a dildo into her pussy and fucks her with it to bring her to an orgasm.

A stewardess sits in the lounge with an executive that pulls out a vibrator and uses it on her shoulders in an attempt to help her relax. However, he brings it down onto her legs and slides it between them making her weak, so that when he pulls out her breasts she doesn?t stop him. He sucks on one nipple as he uses the vibrator on the other before placing the vibrator rights against her pussy. He pulls out his penis and glides it back and forth in her mouth before doing the same thing in her pussy.

A girl in a kimono teaches a man how to do calligraphy but his skills are sadly lacking. She decides to give him some incentive and touches his crotch before leaning over and licking the shaft of his penis. He finishes the work so she rewards his efforts by giving one long blowjob that makes him release into her mouth.

A nurse enters a patient?s room in order to him to urinate into a bucket. He can?t pee so she grabs his penis in hopes that it will help, but the only thing it does is excite him to the point where he sits up and kisses her. He pulls her gown apart and plays with her nipples before going down to lick and finger her pussy. He gets a hold of a dildo and fucks her with it before he wants some oral attention and she gladly obliges. She lies back down and the patient gives his nurse some good sexual medication.

A racequeen finishes a photo shoot that has her wrists cuffed together only to have the men unzip her top exposing her breasts to all the men. They make her sit down and rip a hole in her pantyhose so that they can use a vibrator on her pussy. The men walk up and stroke themselves off until they release over her breasts.

An office lady sits with two colleagues that pull out various vibrators. Each of them examines them until the men lean over and place the vibrators on Erika?s body. She likes the feeling and gladly lets them unbutton her shirt and use the vibrators and lips on her erect nipples. All three of them remove the rest of their clothing so that one man can finger fuck her as she sucks on the cock of the other man. Both men stand up and she pleases them both orally before she fucks one man in various positions to bring him to a climax before moving onto her other colleague.

Big Facial – Erika Kirihara

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Studio Number: SOE-297

Studio: S1

Erika pulls off a man’s pants and goes straight to work sucking on his cock. She teases him as she licks his shaft but also just strokes his penis as she bits his nipples. He stands up so she focuses strictly on his cock with her mouth to obtain a big load of cum on her face.

A man wraps his arms around Erika and kisses her on the lips. He stops and pulls her dress down as well as her bra in order to play with her nipples. He tears a hole in her stockings and rubs her pussy to make her moan. He pulls off his pants and she drops down to quickly give his cock some oral work and even titty-fucks it for good measure. She’s one horny girl as she leans against the bed and shows off her pussy that just wants to be fucked. This screamer takes his cock so well in any position and it’s great to see her breasts jiggle around until he pulls out to listen to her moan as sperm his litters her face.

Erika strokes a man’s cock and lubes it up by spitting on it. She keeps stroking it but when he squats down, she slides between his legs, and sucks on his cock. It’s not the easiest position to be in so he stands up, which lets her easily perform fellatio and take a massive load on her face.

Erika squats on some boxes so that it’s easy for a man to grind a vibrator on her pussy. He slides three mini vibrators right in her pussy, which make her continuously moan. She moves over to a mattress and gets fucks hard from behind but when she rides his cock, she removes the rest of her clothes to show off her remaining assets. She lies down and he fucks her hard only to pull out just in time to coast her wyes with his fluids.

Erika looks right up into your eyes as you stroke your cock. To help you masturbate she sits back and squeezes her breasts as well as rubs her pussy. She grabs a bullet vibrator and places it on her pussy to help her moan and help you explode over her face.

Two men kiss and fondle all of Erika’s body but their hands spend a lot of time on the mounds on her chest and the wet hole between her legs. She just loves the attention and moans as they sexually tease her body that she can’t help but sucks on their cocks aggressively. One man reaches down to finger her pussy and feeling how wet it is pushes her forward to fuck her. She takes him in any way and keeps sucking off the other man to keep him hard. The man fucking her pulls out and releases on her face so the other man fucks her too and gives her an even bigger load.

Screenshots from Erika Kirihara

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Everyone’s dream girl! Erika Kirihara! I believe your biggest wish is to see this girl fucking in the movie. Here we have some screenshots from her latest movies, you can make this wish come true. Guys love tits, girls love dicks, too. I can’t wait to see oral blowjob with Erika Kihara and some other actions too. How about you? Click the photo and see her real tits, or go here to get her full DVD.


Two girls..two lesbians!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Junna Aoki and Erika Kirihara are into a group fuck in the classroom! There are plenty of set toys for these busty gals to use and a vibrator to really get their pussies wet! there is plenty of tongue action in their web slits as they get their pussies tongued and their holes explored. The gals suck cock and get their faces full of cum before they get deep penetrating fucks from cock riding and doggy style rear penetration! Junna Aoki and Erika Kirihara are amazing at what they do in the classroom !!



Erika Kirihara Sexy Purple Lingerie Naked Photos

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